G0od v-ibes, y3ah?

●The names Izzy yo c;● I like cats and uh bands●recovery is key● sad ●good vibes i guess

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Heart break isnt always sad songs at 2am. It isnt always insomnia because the pain is keeping me awake . Sometimes its saturday morning and i’m trying to enjoy my favorite cereal then you cross my mind and i get this big rush of sadness .. this empty feeling and im no longer hungry. Sometimes its laughing at something funny than , thinking of you and not finding anything funny anymore . Sometimes its having a great day than remembering you didnt get to enjoy it with me. Sometimes its getting good news then knowing you wont get to hear it , sometimes its meeting someone new , and being treated the way i wanted you to treat me for so long that really eats me up inside .


it was just a poltergeist love and I need an exorcism

"on past intimacy" by typical treatment. (29 july 2014)
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you could say
i have kissed strangers -
they were not foreign
at the time, but they are
nothing but drifters
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